Our Gardening Project is Bearing Fruit

What an amazing work people have done this past year to support the gardening project

In Abbots Park we have created a small beautiful green space and they are hoping to get lots of strawberries and berries.

In the meantime all the fruit trees that we planted in February (in Challice Way, Gaywood Close, Saunders House, Abbots Park) have been looked after by Residents across the estate.

They are looking beautiful, and that’s all down to the Residents commitment: together they are making our Estate green spaces better.

Metropolitan have recognised our efforts and have promised us more budget for this year, plus benches and tables for these areas.

We are also getting a water butt for Huggins corner, to help us watering the area.

We have had interest from the other Housing Associations and we are hoping to get more support. If you know a group of St. Martins Residents who wants to transform a green space near them please let them know we can help !

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