Victory – Williams House lights & lift works

Williams House is now ablaze with lights

A massive thanks to all the residents who submitted their proformas outlining the effects which the lack of lighting was having on their lives

Although MTVH have not formally disclosed what the ongoing technical issues were, we can confirm this has now been resolved.

We would also like to thank people who submitted the proformas for the defective lift. Unfortunately we have been advised that the lift will not be renewed until 2022/23 when it reaches its life expiry. During this period MTVH have said they cannot rule out that the lift will not need further repairs, but state that the target time to repair will not exceed the length of time residents have had to wait in the past.

As a result, MTVH will be compensating each household with a total of £250 for this inconvenience. Written confirmation to follow.

Moving forward, we strongly suggest that if anything like what we experienced in our block, or in our homes ever happens again, we really need to highlight this. It is apparent that sometimes simply raising a repair order does not always lead to a quick resolution.

So, if you believe you have exhausted your options, you can also take to social media to highlight your concerns.

We feel that photos and short videos can be powerful tools in gaining publicity, making others aware and voicing our concerns.

As a result, the following hashtag was created #ShameOnYouMetTVH

Please use this hashtag to highlight longstanding/outstanding maintenance issues or repairs. Please sure to tag us at @StMartinsTRA

Particular thanks to Justine from Williams House for all her hard work on this, and author of this article

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