We need more transparent MTVH service charges

MTVH have released their new proposals for internal cleaning service charges. And they’re even less transparent than before.

The proposals would mean the cost of internal cleaning per flat varies from £175 in Kynaston House to £472 in 55 – 69 Roupell Road. And the cost for internal cleaning in 98 – 112 Gaywood Close (£275) is almost half that of internal cleaning in 113-121 Gaywood Close (£459) despite the fact they are the same block. Full details here

If you’re an MTVH leaseholder on St Martins please write to them to tell them we need transparent service charges:

Write to: s20estates@mtvh.co.uk (copy in StMartinsResidentsLambeth@gmail.com)

I am most concerned at your new proposals for internal cleaning as there appears to be no transparency about how costs are allocated.

Under the proposals a leaseholder in Kynaston House will pay £175.18 per dwelling (£4554.65 per unit / 26 blocks in unit) whereas a leaseholder in 55 – 69 Roupell Road will pay £472.17 (£3305.20 per unit / 7 blocks in unit). You do not appear have made any attempt to explain this discrepancy

[Then perhaps add your proposal for solving the problems. For example, that every leaseholder should pay the same for internal cleaning]

I look forward to hearing from you

The deadline for feedback is 20th October.

We’ve persuaded MTVH to rectify past discrepancies after a public meeting. We now need them to act to ensure transparent service charges in the future

CORRECTION: This article was updated on 17th October. Originally we suggested the cost per dwelling for 41-47 Roupell Road was £826 (£3305 divided by 4). Actually it is £275 (£3305 divided by 12). The highest cost per dwelling is actually £472 for 55-69 Roupell Road.

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