MTVH will introduce more transparent service charges

In March we held a meeting to discuss how to improve the transparency of MTVH service charges. MTVH have now given us a proposal for how they intend to rectify past discrepancies.

Note MTVH have not yet given us any proposals on how they will resolve discrepancies in the future. When they do we will hold a public meeting to discuss this.

The view of the management committee of the residents association is that this is reasonable. If you are an MTVH leaseholder and have a view please come to the meeting that we’ll hold when we have full details from MTVH and we’ll make a binding decision then.

MTVH’s proposal is:

FY 2019-20 and FY2020-21– The external cleaning, ground maintenance and adhoc tree surgery, at the estate level  will remain the same and distributed equally. Please see below for total costs and per unit costs:

External Cleaning£42,980.24£44,201.52
Gardening & Grounds Maintenance£41,497.21£44,201.52
Tree work£13,659.84£11,912.98
No of units – Estate level501501
Average cost per unit£195.88£200.23

FY2019-20 –

Internal Cleaning£117,556.04
Window Cleaning£2,878.85
No of units – block level464
cost per unit£259.56

For this period, I propose we cap all Internal cleaning cost to the average per unit and lay the matter to rest there. This will mean those blocks who have paid more than the average costs will be capped and the difference  will be added as  credit  to their account. The blocks that would benefit from this cap are: 1-10 Derrick House and 1-20; 21-30; 64-75  Gaywood Close.

FY 2020-21 –

Internal Cleaning£120,898.08
Window Cleaning£2,960.35
No of units – block level464
cost per unit£266.94

For this period I propose charging all leaseholders the average cost per unit of £266.94.  I believe this to be both fair and reasonable  as the total cost is shared equally amongst the residents. All adjustments will be made for the finalised accounts and will be reflected on the system by end of September 2021.

For the avoidance  of doubt,  please be advised this is a one-off revision for 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 actual accounts. 

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