Housing Associations STILL refusing to cooperate with damp survey

Our Housing Associations are still refusing to cooperate with a council run survey on damp

The council agreed to do a damp survey in July. This survey was delayed first by the council finding a surveyor to do the work, then because “in order to engage the independent Environmental Health consultant [the council] need the housing associations to provide us with certain documentation relating to the damp and mould issues on the estate. Unfortunately, two of the three housing associations have failed to do this”.

The council threatened to use enforcement action to force the Housing Associations to provide the documentation and they have now done so.

Unfortunately this isn’t the end of the matter. What the council has said is “We additionally require their cooperation in relation to gaining access to the common areas and a sample of the flats. This is a far more onerous request than asking for documents and if their cooperation is not forthcoming, we would need to use our powers of entry to force the issue. This is a large estate and the coordination of the task of issuing notices of entry is in itself a resource intensive task. I estimate it would need at least 100 notices to be issued and in order for these notices to be served correctly we would need to do the background intelligence work to ensure they are served on the correct parties. This would all delay the process and require staffing resources to be re-allocated away from other priority work”

There’s going to be a meeting between the council and the Housing Associations early in March to try and work out a way forward. We’ll let you know more information as soon as I have it.

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