News on the Damp Campaign

The majority of the Housing Association are refusing to cooperate with our damp campaign. Soon the council will use enforcement powers to compel them to

As you may remember the council agreed last summer to do a survey of the affected blocks. Residents have said “I have damp in 3 rooms and bathroom and complained to metropolitan and St Martins for over 10 years till today nothing has been done. Sent pictures, wrote and they came to inspect made promises several times but never fulfilled anyone”.

The council claim (probably correctly) that “in order to engage the independent Environmental Health consultant we [the council] need the housing associations to provide us with certain documentation relating to the damp and mould issues on the estate. Unfortunately, two of the three housing associations have failed to do this”

We’ve been asking the council to proceed with the cooperation of the housing associations if possible, but without their cooperation if necessary. The council have now agreed. I’ve been told the council “have therefore given them [the Housing Associations] a final deadline of 7th February to provide the information after which we [Lambeth Council] will use enforcement powers to compel the disclosure”.

We’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

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