News on the Scaffolding Campaign

Thanks to all 25 people who signed the petition about pointless scaffolding in Gaywood Close. We have sent all he letters to Metropolitan

We will check in a month if any of you got an answer. If not, we will escalate it to Lambeth Council.

We did have some information on this from our Housing Officer Karla Powell (who I’m afraid is leaving soon for another role within Metropolitan), and from one of our neighbour, who managed to speak to someone from Metropolitan.

It seems the scaffolding was put up to carry out maintenance work (such as removing dirt./grass from the gutters on the roof etc..), but that Metropolitan ran out of money so the job was never done. We even heard that they are now planning to put the scaffolding at the back too!

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more, and if you do have any news please let us know

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