When will we get our damp survey

Lambeth Council promised us a damp survey in autumn 2019. This hasn’t happened because of lack of cooperation from our landlords. We’re keeping the pressure on the council to honour their commitments

We lobbied the council in July and asked them to appoint an independent surveyor. The council agreed, and said the survey was likely to start in autumn 2019

Obviously it hasn’t started yet. We’ve been in touch with council staff and they say it’s because of lack of documentation from the housing associations. They “have received some of the documentation needed, but not all. As I result [council staff] intend to convene a meeting with senior colleagues to agree a way forward. [They] can use certain enforcement powers to require this documentation, which is not a step [they] wished to maintain cordial relations with the Housing Associations to illicit their cooperation.”

As Metropolitan promised us a survey in May 2016 and this still hasn’t happened, we think the council will be waiting for a very long time for this documentation. We’ve asked our councillors to put pressure on council staff to go ahead with the housing associations cooperation if possible, but without the housing associations cooperation if they refuse to cooperate.

If that fails we have other plans to escalate this issue.

Full details on our damp campaign page

One thought on “When will we get our damp survey

  1. Very sad state of affairs & it seems that the landlords of St. Martin’s estate obviously have a blatant disregard for the residents of the estate. I now have no faith whatsoever in Metropolitan. Despite being visited by housing officers & promises being made since 2006, I have yet to have any remedial work carried out to the problems caused by the works. I continue to pay exorbitant service charges & for the 5 year cyclical works (which have only occurred once in 15 years) & continue to pay for the estate renewal works. The works were supposed to have consisted of:
    New mains services (not done)
    New roofing
    Central heating (not done) Note: Lambeth were due to install a system for me, but because of the estate renewal works which included heating, did not go ahead
    Kitchen/bathroom/toilets (not done)
    Double glazing (I already had double glazing installed by Lambeth 3 years earlier. My new units were not measured & don’t fit)
    New front doors (not done) Note: A security entrance was installed at the stairwell entrance & for upper level properties
    front doors were replaced with entry phone system
    New balcony woodwork (not done)
    Replacement cladding (but no insulation was fitted between cladding & inner walls)


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