Damp Surveyor is coming in November

In the summer Lambeth Council agreed to survey our estate for damp. We’ve now been told this survey is likely to start in November. The process is described below

3 -4 month process to include recruitment of environmental health consultant to undertake the work. The council have started the process but may need to go back out to tender. This means the work won’t start until November at the earliest


  1. Recruit environmental consultant
  2. Desk exercise on stock condition surveys undertaken by landlords (They may not all be of good quality) and TRAs information. To be clarified if stock condition surveys can be shared with Residents and Tenants Association
  3. Residents meeting to discuss process once the desk exercise has been undertaken. Leaseholders included if structural issues identified
  4. Tenants and Residents to share paper surveys.
  5. Indicative surveys will be undertaken by consultant. This won’t cover all blocks. We’re still waiting for details of which ones will be covered.
  6. Report produced . Environmental health will score by health hazard. Report will include inter-sectional issues i.e. damp from structural issues and internal
  7. Council will evaluate report and liaise with landlords.

Thanks to Cllr Mary Atkins for taking these minutes

Update: On 8th November 2019 Lambeth Council contacted us to say they “have not formally appointed a contractor to conduct the work as yet, though we have a preferred candidate and are working with them on a few issues that are required to be dealt with before we proceed”

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