What Happened At our AGM

Thanks to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting in November. Here’s what happened

Safer Neighbourhoods

PC Martyn Lusardi, provided an overview of crime as it affected St Martins Estate. He said the estate was relatively free from crime. There had been an attempted stabbing 11 November but this appears to have been a random attack. There had been thefts from motor vehicles, and an arrest had been made. He particularly noted daytime burglaries from houses in Abbotts Park, where the doors were not double-locked

Residents drew attention to persons smoking cannabis in Sheppard House. Police officers were attached to each school, but this was not effective in respect of City Heights., and in Portland House during the summer residents found the behaviour of a large group of children intimidating. When the school was contacted their response was to say that because the issue had not happened on their property the school was not responsible. The school had been invited to attend the meeting, but had not returned the email.

Cllr Kind said he would contact the school.

Annual Report

Overview by Stephen Kearney He said a problem with all 3 landlords was staff on short contracts.There had been progress on communal lighting.

Siobhan Lim on leaseholders. There had been a massive increase in service charges, e.g. 83% from £900 pa to £1500pa, with a lack of consistency and justification. There had been some small successes. A minority had got a reduction. Chris Blake has set up a software calculator to compare increases. Leaseholders are entitled to see invoices, and it is a criminal offence if the housing assoc does not provide them when asked.

Terry Cooper on damp. Conditions in some dwellings horrifying. Metropolitan had not shown any interest in the past. There had been 70 formal complaints on damp. Chris Blake said Lambeth Council were investigating a number of blocks and will appoint a surveyor specifically to look at those blocks and report back.Queries whether the housing assocs, and their sub-contractors will release their surveys. Harbin House had damp, and icicles in the summer, and the resident was told the cause was the drainage. Hayley from Notting Hill said thermostats had been offered and Notting Hill was working on the drainage for that block.

Any Other Business

Residents raised a number of issues. Housing Assocs. did not seem to have a mechanism for issues raised at meetings since inevitably the person who could answer a particular question comprehensively would not be at the meeting

Residents raised issue of lifts being out for months, and ringing a housing assoc could result in being cut off after 20 minutes if the housing assoc had not picked up the phone. It was not clear which housing assoc was referred to.

Financial Report

Accounts prepared by Michael O’Sullivan were presented by Terry Curtis. Accounts were agreed. Althea Callum queried why the TRA was paying bank charges. Terry Curtis there had been a problem obtaining signatories who were prepared to go through the rigmarol of providing their details to set up a new bank account. Althea offered to suggest banks which would not make charges.

Here is the full treasurer’s report, including summary accounts

Committee Elections

Elections presided over by Althea Callum in accordance with amended constitution provided by Optivo.

  • Chair: Stephen Kearney
  • Secretary: Chris Blake
  • Treasurer: Terry Curtis
  • 6 committee members: Peter Hurst, Annalisa Premoli, Trevor McKlish, Terry Cooper, Sina Taiwo and Saleha Jaffer

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