Walkabout to find broken lights

Brendan light
Stephen, our chair, has been monitoring the situation with lights for several years now.  Metropolitan have finally agreed to a meet us to discuss how lighting can be improved.

Walkabout – How to fix the estate lighting
Thursday 23rd May, 9pm
Meet outside 98 – 121 Gaywood Close
Representatives from Metropolitan will be present

If you can’t make the walkabout but know somewhere where lighting is particularly bad please email Stephen on 650stephen@gmail.com so he knows to mention the issue.  Obviously this applies to Metropolitan residents.  It also applies if you live near a Metropolitan property and are dependant on Metropolitan lighting, which applies to almost everyone

Finally, we found at the general meeting that whilst Metropolitan are quite prepared to talk to us, they’ve very reluctant to act.  So we may well need a campaign if Metropolitan don’t act on the issues we highlight on 23rd May. We got a light in Challice Way fixed as a result of our campaigning, we might be able to get other lights fixed too.

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