Key Light in Challice Way is fixed

Good news, a key light in Challice Way is now fixed

You might remember that this light was out since before Abraham – or at least it felt like it – and Metropolitan wanted to keep it that way.  After they reported it “completed” and it still didn’t work – they then decided it was someone else’s responsibility – someone’s, anyone’s but not theirs.  And that it seemed was that – Metropolitan were sticking to their total darkness policy like that Transylvanian gentleman.

But one way or another our pressure must have eventually told.  After regular reports to Metropolitan since September 2017, something happened  – in April 2019.  This afternoon I got an email from Saleha saying the lamppost was being worked on.  I rushed over to find a van bearing a  sign “Stewart Electrical Engineers and Contractors” – amazing.  There I found a three man team – a father, a son and a daughter who had just erected a new lamppost right beside the old one with the power taken from the communal supply to Kynaston.   The family were independent sub-contractors to Stewart who in turn were contracted to Metropolitan. Tyrone, the son, explained it all to me.  They were a nice bunch, friendly, open and cheerful.

So we now have a new lamppost up where Metropolitan were not supposed to have responsibility.  But wait!  We have a lammpost but no light!  That arrives on Monday, apparently.

And then on Monday


This light, which has been out for years and reported for just as long, is now working.  I don’t just mean the erection of the new lamppost which was done on Saturday but the fact that this device is giving out light!!  At of about 8PM (20:00) this evening, the path of perpetual darkness, is now bathed in bright light – at least in its centre section.

The path could benefit from the installation of another light right where the path forks – but that’s another campaign.

Text from Stephen Kearney

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