Broken Lights Near Challice Way

Saleha's light CROPPED
A resident from Kynaston House has recently been in touch about a broken street light. We’re campaigning to fix it

There’s broken street lights in many parts of the estate, but this is particularly bad. It’s on a path that links the Challice Way blocks to the Roupell Way bus stops. This path should be well used, but isn’t used at night because residents feel unsafe.

The resident has been in touch with Metropolitan who have promised to repair the light “soon”, but with no indication as to when soon is. As this light has been broken for some time we’d like to ask other residents to complain. This will show to Metropolitan how seriously residents take the issue

We’re meeting on Monday to go door knocking to ask people to put in repair reports

Door Knocking – Fix The Challice Way Lights
Monday 1st April
Meet at 6:15pm at 1 Kynaston House

If you have a problem with lighting in your part of the estate and would like to organise a similar campaign please contact us. We should be able to help.

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