General Meeting for Metropolitan Residents

Are you a Metropolitan resident? If so, please come to our general meeting on Tuesday 23rd April.

St Martins Residents Association General Meeting
Tuesday 23rd April, 6:45pm
High Trees Community Development Trust

(at the junction of Tulse Hill and Upper Tulse Hill)
Download publicity here

This is your opportunity to raise your concerns and problems with Metropolitan housing officers and hear more about our campaigns on damp, lighting and leaseholder issues

We’ll also have someone from the Save Children’s Centres Campaign present to talk about their campaign and how you can help

If you can stay for the whole meeting that’s great. But if you can’t:

  • If you have young children come early to hear the speaker from the Save Children’s Centres Campaign. Then you can leave to put your children to bed
  • If you have to work late you can come to meeting late too. Contact us and we’ll make sure any items you’re interested in are at the end of the agenda

We want to make the agenda as resident focused as possible. If you have an issue you’d like to discuss or question to raise please contact us

We’ve already had questions submitted about the following issues

  • Consultation with residents and other landlords about the five year renovation plan
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Ease of contacting Metropolitan by phone and email
  • When the estate office was closed, despite earlier guarantees, some type of regular meeting system was promised. What became of it?
  • When will Metropolitan refund its tenants and residents, the rebate due to them from Thames Water?
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Why has there been no coherent, constructive, accessible and transparent programme to solve the estate’s damp issues, issues which have been highlighted now for a number of years?
  • Why has there been such a dramatic increase in leaseholder service charges, dramatically more than in any previous year.
  • Lighting Issues

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