Billing for the Estate Regeneration

Were you a leaseholder at the time of the estate transfer to the housing associations at the start of this millennium? And do you have to pay for the major works that finished around 2005? If so, read on.

We recently heard from a leaseholder who did have to pay for these major works. He was being charged £50/month for these works but recently received a letter saying he would now be charged £100/month. He phone 020 3535 3535 to query this and was told it was a mistake. His payments remain at £50.

Has anyone else received a similar demand? If so, please do query it. And let us know so we can put you in touch with people in a similar situation

Nobody in the TRA is a property lawyer. We can put you in touch with people in similar situations but if you want legal advice please contact the Leasehold Advisory Service or a solicitor.

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