Everyone would benefit from better youth facilities

Reopening the Yellow Qube as a youth centre will make a huge difference to the lives of everybody on the estate. Here are some of the stories we heard

Please sign our petition to demand decent youth facilities

Sasha from Gaywood Close says “Another young person was stabbed and killed in my neighbourhood. My heart bleeds for the lack of youth resources. We need a safe space for our young people to come to get the support”. Here is her full video

“My 13 year old son loves football and travels throughout Lambeth to play it. There’s a great football pitch as part of the Yellow Qube but we don’t have access to it. We should do”

“I have a 13 year old and a 5 year old and the only real social interaction they have outside of school is with friends online. These facilities would allow them to build new friendships with people on the estate and provide my older child an opportunity to socialise and build character”

“My young children used to attend an arts and crafts workshop there. But now have nowhere close by”

“I have two kids that will be benefit of the facilities near by to play and do exercise instead of being watching TV or playing games. I would really appreciate it if the facilities open and give the youngsters the opportunity to develop in a healthy environment”

“I used to coach young people in football. I know it helps keep young people busy. We need a football pitch”

“I have two primary school children. We need after school clubs to help them with their homework”

“We need to have places for young people to congregate. They cannot sit outside without being slapped by the police. Give them a space”.

“Teenagers are hanging on the streets with nothing to do in the wet and cold weather. They hang inside the building entrances to keep warm and dry. Leaving them like this can lead to boredom. They need a community centre”

“I grew up in this area and used lots of youth facilities as a teenager. They’re now all gone”

“I live on an estate with a good community and social cohesion that partly relies on facilities such as this. We see no good reason for the Yellow Cube centre not to be opened and made available for the benefit of members of our community”

“I am concerned that the local youth have nothing for them to keep them entertained. They were promised this facility. They need it”

“The youth centre gave our youth somewhere to go and something to do. It allowed them to gather in a safe place under supervision of dedicated youth leaders instead of hanging around on the streets. We need places like this open and available to our neighbourhood youth to help keep them busy and away from the temptation of crime”

Please sign our petition to demand decent youth facilities

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