Do you need an EWS1 form to sell your lease?

A leaseholder has sold her flat in Kynaston House despite not having an EWS1 form.

Before the resident put her flat up for sale she emailed to ask for an estimate for when the EWS1 form would be procured and details of any fire risk assessment. Metropolitan replied with some construction details on the building, but they did not produce the Fire Assessment and they did not give a timeline for procuring the EWS1. The resident requested this information again, but received no reply. So she submitted  a formal complaint to which she also did not get a reply.

When the resident’s formal complaint failed,  she emailed Metropolitan’s CEO on . With this Metropolitan replied, but still did not send her a Fire Risk Assessment or EWS1 timeline. 

Once a request from the resident’s solicitor was sent, Metropolitan sent the buyers a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment, but the resident has not seen a copy herself.

The Fire Risk Assessment was not enough to satisfy the buyer;s lender (HSBC). They asked questions about the building construction related to the external walls. The first reply received from Metropolitan seems to have been enough to satisfy this specific lender.

The resident says “I would strongly advise any leaseholder thinking of selling to request a letter from Metropolitan enquiring about external wall fire safety as early as possible”

Nobody in the TRA is a property lawyer. This is not legal advice

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