Ants in Baldwin House

Baldwin House is infested with ants

There’s no point us getting pest control in as individuals: the ants will
simply move to the next flat. We need our landlord to do pest control
for the entire building.

If you live in Baldwin House and haven’t done so already please complain to Optivo. Email, and please copy in

Please give as much detail as possible and tell us how your life has been
affected, as it helps us if we escalate this to the landlord.

Together we can fix this!!

UPDATE: Beaver Pest Control spoke to at least one resident of 25-50 Baldwin House on Friday 11th September.  They said there was no point treating one flat, they would need to treat the entire block.  They will communicate that to Optivo.  We’ll know soon if Optivo listens.

Photo Credit: By Stephen Ausmus –, Public Domain,

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