All estate residents deserve free entry to Brockwell Live

Ticketed events are taking place in Brockwell Park most days from Friday 26th May to Sunday 4th June. People in most parts of the estate can apply for free tickets for one of these events. People in Gaywood Close, Roupell Road, Challice Way and Vibart Gardens cannot. We’re campaigning to change this

If you live in an affected road and would like tickets can you please email Cllr Saller Jaffer to complain. And please copy us in. Using your own words is best but if you have writers block we suggest the following. Please send the email by Tuesday 11th April


Dear Cllr Jaffer,

I write to complain about the fact I am not allowed to apply for free tickets to the Brockwell Park summer events, despite the fact I live at YOUR ADDRESS. I can hear the music from where I live. And as everyone from Upper Tulse Hill can apply for tickets it seems illogical that my road, which is just off Upper Tulse Hill cannot.

Please raise the matter when you meet with the organisers on 11th April.

I look forward to hearing from you

We need to get the word out about this campaign. If you can help leaflet your neighbours please let us know

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