We Deserve Transparent NHG Service Charges

In the last few weeks NHG leaseholders will have received several documents from NHG. This is not enough to prove their service charges are transparent.

In the last few weeks NHG leaseholders have received 2 documents from NHG:

1. Update letter dated 16th March 2023

2. Service charge demand 2023/2024.

Based on these documents, you will know that:

  • more changes will be coming, pending the ongoing tribunal case against NHG.
  • NHG added a bizarre ‘Core charge’ to the Estate and Block charges.
  • We still don’t have any reconciled accounts.
  • We still don’t know if, when and how we will be credited for any overcharged service charges.

We are following this important  tribunal case closely, as we are supporting the neighbour who was brave enough to go to Court against NHG.

There is hope that this case may provide the clarity which has been lacking in all our service charges for many years.

This case may force NHG to finally provide the reconciled accounts of service charges, and make sure the charges are correct, transparent and fair.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU NOW (to help us help you!)

Just 2 simple things would help us add pressure on NHG.

It may also help to make this tribunal case more powerful:


Email us your Service Charge request.

Send to StMartinsResidentsLambeth@gmail.com as a screen shot, scan or forwarded email.

It will help us understand whether NHG are now charging the correct and fair amounts, or whether there are still errors and inconsistencies.

It will also help us understand these new ‘Core charges’.


Complete a form requesting the breakdown of your service charges.

This is done via the fantastic work of the campaign group SHAC, and the Find Others team.

Please read this first

Then complete the form here

These simple 2 steps WILL show NHG that their work has not been correct and totally lacks transparency.

Any questions, please ask us.

If you have a professional background in law, accounting or council related work, please contact us, as your skills could be very helpful.

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