Getting a damp survey for your leasehold property

We think many of the problems leaseholders experience with damp are the landlord’s problem. But we need a survey to prove it. Here’s how you can leaseholders can get a free survey from their landlord

Many leaseholders on our estate have problems with damp. At the meeting with the Leaseholder Advisory Service we were told to get action we’d need to show it is penetrative damp, for which we need a survey. Our landlords have now agreed to provide one.

If you’re a leaseholder affected by damp please book your free survey by contacting the following people

  • If your landlord is MTVH please contact
  • If your landlord is Optivo please contact
  • If your landlord is NHG please contact your housing officer (their details are here)

We know the landlords have done reports before and not given leaseholders the result. We are told this time it will be different.

The majority of tenants are now happy with the work done to fix damp. Campaigning can work.

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