Sheppard House lift failure

Are you disabled resident of Sheppard House. Please let us know so we can campaign for decent compensation for the lift failure.

On the 30th June, we had a public meeting with Bell, our MP to discuss the compensation for the broken lift at our building.

MTVH offered a compensation of £10 per week for 12 weeks- £120 in total.

It was decided that “Residents form Sheppard House agreed to compensation offered by MTVH. Except for residents that have a disability”

If you live in Sheppard House you should have received a letter directly from MTVH with the necessary steps to claim your compensation.

If you have a disability please get in touch with: or email directly Bell’s office : We will support you to claim higher compensation for the disturbance.

If any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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