Lambeth Council are inspecting damp properties

Council inspectors will be visiting properties affected by damp shortly. We need to make sure our records are up to date.

Our landlords claim the work on tenanted properties is complete. Lambeth Council, who are responsible for enforcing standards in all landlords, will be visiting properties over the summer to see if they agree. We know the work on some properties is inadequate or non existent and we want to make sure the inspectors visit as many of those properties as possible.

If you are affected by damp and are not satisfied with the work your landlord has done please tell us so we can ask the inspector to visit your house

The Lambeth council inspector will report in September with their findings and details for the next steps. We hope to get a council representative to speak at a public meeting to confirm this.

The above covers tenants only. We hope to set up a meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service soon to check how leaseholders affected by damp can get action.

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