Compensation for Gwynne House lift failures

The lift in Gwynne House failed for six weeks in 2021. If you live there, please apply to MTVH for compensation

Bell, our MP, helped chase MTVH to fix the lift and has also chased MTVH for compensation for residents.  Residents in Williams House got compensation when their lift broke, you should get compensation too.

MTVH have now applied to Bell to say the won’t refund residents automatically.  You have to apply for compensation individually.

If you live in Gwynne House please email to demand compensation. Please copy in and

Using your own words is best but if you’ve got writers block try the following

I wish to make a formal complaint about the fact I was without a lift service for six weeks in 2021.  I understand when residents of Williams House (another MTVH property on the St Martins Estate) were without a lift service they were offered compensation.  Please inform me when you will pay compensation

The lack of lift affected lots of people. One person we met had to cart their bike up six flights of steps. Another said “I am disabled sometimes I couldn’t go out because of this”

Everyone in Gwynne House pays for the lift in their rent or service charge.  Everyone deserves a good service.

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