NHG leaseholder service charges have no transparency

Some NHG leaseholders have told us how much they pay for their service charge. It’s amazing how little transparency there is

  • Resident 8 pays almost 6 times more for internal cleaning than Resident 1, despite the fact they both live in Challice Way
  • The cleaning costs (with the exception of resident 3) are higher than for MTVH. MTVH leaseholders pay £300 / household. The average NHG householders pay is £400 / household
  • The figures for Cyclical Funds are huge, and hugely variable. Resident 3 pays £1196, resident 7pays £248. And no leaseholder seems to know what these charges are for

If we have more data we could find more discrepancies. Knowledge is Power. If you are an NHG leaseholder please contact us with a copy of your latest service charge statement.

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