Discrepancy in payout for water rates overcharging

Our landlords are paying very different amounts of compensation for water rates overcharging. We hope to challenge that

As you may have read in the South London Press before 2016  housing associations and local authorities got a special rate from Thames Water for their tenants. In 2016 the court held that the saving should be passed onto the tenants. This case only applied to Southwark, and since then the residents association has been campaigning with others for the saving to be passed onto St Martins tenants. We’ve succeeded and our three landlords have now agreed to pass on the discount to tenants

If you were a housing association tenant at any time between 2004 and 2016 you should have received a letter from your landlord detailing how much you will receive. If you haven’t received this letter please check if your landlord has paid compensation directly to your rent account. If neither is the case please let us know.

We’re heard of variations in how much people have received in compensation. Some tenants have received as little at £425, others as much as £589. There might be legitimate reasons for this, but we’d like to check. So could tenants please tell us

  • How much you received in compensation
  • How many years between 2004 and 2016 you were a housing association tenant
  • How many bedrooms there are in your property

When confronted with inconsistent MTVH leaseholder charges we challenged MTVH on their inconsistency and succeeded. We hope to do the same here.

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