Next steps in the damp campaign

Thanks to everyone who attended our public meeting on damp. Here is how we’re going to take the damp campaign forward

If you’re a tenant then your landlord should have completed any remedial work and will be sending someone to inspect it this month. If, by the end of the month, this hasn’t happened please let us know. Then in April we’ll ask one of our current councillors how we can escalate any unresolved issues. In May we’ll put the same question to the cabinet member for housing.

In my conversations I have found some satisfied tenants. It’s very rare to find a satisfied leaseholder. Terry Cooper is putting together a briefing on the situation which he’ll then give to the Leaseholder Advisory Service for their advice. We hope they’ll address a public meeting with their conclusions like they did in 2019. If you can help Terry please contact us.

Our campaign is forcing our landlords to do work to improve people’s flats. So we are making a difference. But there’s still more to do.

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