Water Rates

Several residents, particularly Terry and Dennis, have been campaigning for a  refund to tenants of part of the water rates paid before 2016. Our landlords have now agreed to this refund, but tenants have yet to receive their money

Before 2016  housing associations and local authorities got a special rate from Thames Water for their tenants. In 2016 the court held that the saving should be passed onto the tenants. This case only applied to Southwark, and since then the TRA has been campaigning for the saving to be passed onto St Martins tenants. There have been other cases in different parts of London, and Lambeth Council has now agreed to pass on the savings to their tenants.

Metropolitan, and, it seems, Optivo and Notting Hill, have now agreed to refund the saving and pay the money into tenants’ rent account. We cannot say when it will be paid or how much will be paid. 

The South London Press reported on this story in June 2021

We have correspondence from MTVH confirming the refund will be paid in July 2021