Thanks to everyone who came to our public meeting on damp

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Thanks to all 35 residents who came to our public meeting on damp on Thursday 10th February. And thanks to everyone who helped organise it

Meetings like this only happen because people have done lots of work. So particular thanks to the following residents

  • Chris Blake – IT support, Postering, Phone banking, Canvassing
  • Terry Cooper – Canvassing
  • Terry Curtis – Minutes, Phone banking, Postering
  • Ed Crawford – Phone banking
  • Justine Harrison, – Minutes, Phone banking
  • Saleha Jaffer – Phone banking
  • Stephen Kearney – Chair, Postering
  • Annalisa Premoli – Poster design
  • Sophie Wintrich – Canvassing

Thanks also to people from outside the estate who helped

  • Cllr Mary Atkins – Council liaison
  • Helen Atkinson – Canvassing
  • Anne McKay – Canvassing
  • Janet Williamson – Canvassing

Here are the full minutes

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