Pigeons in Baldwin House

There is a pigeon infestation at the front and back of Baldwin House. We’re meeting Optivo to discuss this on Tuesday 20th July.

If you like in Baldwin House and would like to come to the meeting please email StMartinsResidentsLambeth@gmail.com and we’ll send you details of where we’re meeting.

Beaver Pest Control, employed by Optivo, admit “There is a nest on the 4th and 5th Floors that have been damaged in a few places. Pigeons have entered through and nest here. At this moment it have had young above the fire exit.  Pigeons are now fouling the floors. … No net is installed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors. Due to displacement, pigeons could move to the other floors after we repair the existing net.”

There are also problems with pigeons on resident’s back balconies. Some residents have invested in spikes and netting. But they would need to be in everyone’s flat to be effective. If only some properties have spikes it still doesn’t solve the problem that people can’t open their windows without pigeons intruding. Pigeons will simply nest in another property.

We’ve persuaded Optivo to act when there was an ant infestation in Baldwin House. And we persuaded Metropolitan to act when there was a pigeon infestation in Williams House. We hope we can do the same here.

Here is how it affects people

“Pigeons have been a particular issue for me since I’ve lived in Baldwin House. They are constantly on my balcony and I can’t leave windows open for long before they are covered in bird mess”. 

“Pigeons were laying eggs on my back balcony and making it their home”

“I returned from a break to find my balcony had been colonised by the creatures”

“Can not keep or enjoy on my balcony because is always full of poo. I remember that a few years ago they have baby and all my living was infested with pigeons fleas. I like to have flowers but are full of poo and sometimes they break them”

“The pigeon infestation is a nightmare to deal with. It has been causing a lot of stress recently as I have to continually clean pigeon foul on my balcony. We can not enjoy and use our balcony. Simple as that”

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