How to Be a Press Officer

Louise, our previous press officer, has now left the estate and we’re looking for someone to replace her. Please come to our online meeting on 2nd June to find out more.

How To Be A Press Officer

Wednesday 2nd June, 6pm

Online meeting, join with this zoom link

Louise was instrumental in getting coverage for our damp campaign in places as diverse at the Brixton Blog and the BBC. So it’s an important job.

Louise’s replacement might be a single person, or it might be two or more people doing a job share. We can decide that depending on what people are up for

We stress this session is simply for you to find out what the role involves. Attending the session does not give you any obligation to take on the role. It’s simply a chance for you to see what is involved.

Picture credit: Bijay chaurasia, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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