Bicycle storage

Are you a cyclist? And, if so, would bicycle storage on our estate by useful?

Notting Hill and Metropolitan are keen to install bicycle storage on our estate but want to know what areas have the most demand? So if you’d use bicycle storage please send us your address so we can work out the best areas to put the undercover cycle storage

Metropolitan residents living in the following blocks would be interested

  • 113 – 171 Abbots Park
  • 52 – 75 Gaywood Close
  • 98 – 121 Gaywood Close
  • Saunders House

Six people who live on Challice Way would also interested.  There is bike parking available there already but there’s a long waiting list

We also have a resident of Godolphin House who is interested

Metropolitan and Notting Hill seem keen to install under cover cycle storage. Optivo aren’t so keen. Which is a pity as we know people in 1-35 High Trees, Baldwin House, Kelyway House, Loveday House, Morrison House, Tebbs House and Valens House would would all appreciate cycle storage. Hopefully if Metropolitan and Notting Hill provide good bicycle storage we can use that to shame Optivo.

Update: Metropolitan and Notting Hill have now confirmed they will charge residents £72 per bike per year for undercover cycle parking. This is more than the charge for cycle parking on Lambeth roads of £42 per bike per year. And it is much more than the charge in other London boroughs where you can get undercover cycle parking for a returnable deposit. If you’re prepared to pay £72 per bike per year please contact us to say so. Otherwise you can apply for undercover cycle parking on Lambeth maintained roads such as Upper Tulse Hill and Roupell Road. Please contact us to say if you’ve done it.

Here are some of the stories about why cycle storage would make life better

  • Bike storage would mean I was able to use my bike more often. I have arthritis and benefit from the exercise but find it difficult to carry up to my flat. I know of many other bike users also in my area. We have no storage for them and we are forbidden by Optivo to lock to the railings.
  • Covered bike storage would be a godsend for us. We have four bikes chained up outside the front of the house, and I know there are at least three residents upstairs who have to get their bike along a walkway, down the communal stairs and out through the heavy main door of the block each morning. 
  • I have a bike that I use frequently, and my flatmate would like to buy one as well but currently has not on the basis that we do not have room in the flat.   
  • I have a space in my building but would need to carry the bike up 2 flights of stairs.
  • My flatmate and I both cycle but have had letters from Optivo saying we can’t keep our bikes on the balcony outside our front doors, so we’ve had to lock them outside for now.
  • When I moved in last summer [summer 2020] I didn’t know and I use to lock my bike at the front door on the communal balcony but I received a letter from OPTIVO saying that it’s not allowed. Since then I have to keep my bike on my own balcony which is not simple and very tight and so cycle less
  • We currently use our garden but are concerned about how safe the bikes are there.
  • I am struggling carrying it up flights if stairs every day
  • We have 5 bikes and we are desperate for a cycling space as Optivo wouldn’t allow us to put them on the balcony

One thought on “Bicycle storage

  1. Good evening I live in Saunders house tulse hill and would really like a bicycle storage place as it would benefit me greatly


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