Take action on unclear Metropolitan Service Charges

Metropolitan sent us a letter on 19th April asking for our observations on “Improving Our Property Services”. Please reply by Wednesday 19th May to say they should have more transparent service charges

If you’ve already sent a reply that’s great. If not we recommend you send the following to lsc@metropolitan.org.uk . Please copy us in and let us know if you get a response

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter of 19th April regarding “Improving Our Property Services”. I have the following comments to make.

I believe service charges for regularly occurring items (for example “Internal Cleaning”) should be the same for all blocks. When they are not the same leaseholders should get a clear explanation as to why this is. Currently residents in Taylor House pay half what residents of 98 – 121 Gaywood Close pay for internal cleaning. Residents of both blocks should pay the lower charges.

I believe there should be more clarity about what service charges to regularly occurring items covers. This means we can challenge increases should they occur

For items that understandably vary between blocks (for example “Building Repairs”) it should be easy for leaseholders to see what repairs they are being charged for. They should not simply get a receipt for all repairs done by “Metworks South”. This will ensure they are only billed for repairs that are actually done.

I look forward to hearing from you

Metropolitan have already agreed to take some action for more transparent service charges as the result of our campaigning. We need to keep up the pressure

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