When will we get our damp survey

Cllr Brathwaite, the cabinet member for housing, came to a virtual general meeting recently. She talked about damp and other repair issues

2. Introduction to meeting on Damp and repairs
Cllr Brathwaite said the survey being carried out by the Council would be in 3 stages: The 1st part which had just started would be carried out by Sanctum. This 1st part was a paper exercise to go through documents supplied. It started on 25th June and should be complete by the end of August.

The second part would consist of inspections. The last would be a final report which may result in the service of notices on the landlords to rectify damp if appropriate.

[UPDATE: In subsequent correspondence Cllr Brathwaite said “The intention remains to have the independent consultant meet with the Residents Association and members ahead of the on-site inspections”]

Terry Curtis asked whether notices would apply just to properties inspected or would be estate wide. Cllr Brathwaite said this would depend on what was found.
If the damp affected an entire block she would expect the notice to include the entire block.

3. Damp stories of residents
Gary Downey, From Harbin House, (Notting Hill, Genesis) said he had taken all actions advised but still suffered from damp, and had had to replace carpets, etc.

Ms Seven, Abbotts Park, (Metropolitan) said damp since 2008, main room & bedroom, both she and 5 year old son, suffered from asthma

Terry Cooper said a 92 year old living 123 Abbotts Park had been hospitalized, and damp had been a factor.

Justine Harrison of Williams House said she had gone down legal route but this had not been productive.

Chris Blake said each housing assoc had at different times promised to do damp surveys but had not provided details.

Cllr Atkins said that housing assocs did not like stage 3 “Complaints” because that could do reputational damage. After the meeting Cllr Atkins provided the following link for legal aid:

Cllr Brathwaite said 1st stage of Council survey would be completed by 27th Aug. She would confirm actions to be taken in writing. She would also check whether residents could meet with Sanctum.

Louise Zecevic will liaise with Gary Downey to write article for specialist publication.

General repairs
Terry Cooper pointed out rodents in 113- 171 Abbotts Park. Cllr Atkins will do council members enquiry on Metropolitan. (Subsequently Metropolitan appeared to accept responsibility where a no of dwellings were affected)

Mary advised that if there was a smell one could call out environmental health and they could take enforcement action.

Scaffolding Gaywood Close Cllr Cameron wanted details of 1 or 2 complaints and she would contact Metropolitan. Cllr Atkins said that once scaffolding has gone up then there should be no additional cost.

Any Other Business
Neighbour dispute raised Presumed victim disabled. Chair to write on behalf of TRA to Metropolitan (Details provided).


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