Road Improvements to promote social distancing

Lambeth Council has launched a website where people can contribute their ideas for changes that are needed to create more space to help social distancing as we adapt to the changes to coronavirus restrictions the Government has announced.

This website is a great way for people to put forward their ideas for what can be done locally in Tulse Hill Ward and the wider Brixton/Lambeth area. You can put in any ideas you have and you can see what everyone else is adding. You can also like/support ideas other people put forward.

More and more people have been contacting the Ward councillors over the last few weeks/months to say that they want to see urgent changes to the way traffic moves through our area. Issues of concern have included everything from speeding, rat-running and more cars/vans on the road – to wanting to feel safer as pedestrians/cyclists and feeling like there should be more space for exercising and for children to play. The Mayor of London is rightly concerned about the impact of increased public transport usage on the capital and how it recovers from coronavirus – including the risk of increasing the spread of the virus. At the same time, there is rightly concern that people may shift back to depending on cars for getting around and the impact that the associated increase in harmful emissions could have.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to contact your councillors

Photograph: Van Goch Walk in Lambeth, credit Chris Blake

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