Support our Delegation to Lambeth Council

We’ve asked for a delegation to Lambeth Council on Wednesday 19th July. We’re asking them to support our damp campaign

Thanks to everyone who came to our general meeting on damp. I’ll post full minutes soon, but there were three main points:

  • We’d like to see the structural reports on the affected blocks that the housing associations claim they’ve done
  • We’d like a proper independent environmental health assessment of the affected properties
  • We’d like Lambeth Council, which regulates all landlords, to force our housing associations to do that if they won’t do it themselves.

We’ve asked for a delegation to Lambeth Council next week so we can make these points. Lambeth Council meetings are public so please come to the public gallery and support your neighbours.

Support our delegation to Lambeth Council
Wednesday 17th July, 7pm
Lambeth Town Hall

We’ll be in the public gallery, if you can’t find us ring 07468 083400
Download publicity here

Children are most welcome to attend. Delegations are generally the first item on the agenda so it should be over by 7:30pm.

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