News on Maskall Close Youth Facilities

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One of our members recently attended a meeting in the town hall about the Maskall Close youth facilities.  The minutes are below.  Please come to our general meeting on Wednesday 26th August so we can discuss the next stages of the campaign

The building consists of two floors. The ground floor houses the sports facilities. The first floor houses the youth club. Both floors are owned by the eAct Academy, but access to the two separate floors are two separate issues.

With the ground floor the blocking issues are caretaking and cleaning. The idea was that the “community” part of the site would be run by a Community Interest Company with the chair of the eAct chain chairing the board and local interests represented (i.e. the three housing associations, High Trees etc.) The CIC can’t be given the keys without senior people at e act agreeing. There is still no commitment as to an opening date, but Dennis thinks there is a fair chance the building will be open by 10th August. [UPDATE: The High Trees Community Development Trust did deliver a football session indeed deliver a football session there on 10th August and will do so for the next two Mondays. Still no news about what will happen for other hirers such as Randle’s youth football club]

With the first floor we need the permission of the head of Fenstaton to proceed. She’s currently on holiday and won’t be back until mid August. The council will restart negotiations then.

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