Chuka Umunna Visit

Thanks to everyone who joined us, Chuka Umunna MP and Metropolitan management for a walkabout of the estate on Friday 9th January. About twenty residents attended which it seems impressed Umunna.

It seems it impressed Metropolitan too as it has unblocked some issues, paticularly regarding High Trees Lighting.

J from Williams House said

There have always been issues with the lighting to the entire block of Williams house, last night (8/1/15) I took pictures showing this. This is of course is a safety issue and always has been but Metropolitan have chosen not to do anything about it until this morning (9/1/15). I have also included a picture of a workman working on my landing repairing the issue in time for todays tour

I from Taylor House said

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. After nearly a year, the communal lighting in Taylor House has finally been repaired

But it has only unblocked some issues. Laura from Harbin House told us via twitter:

This shows we need to continue the campaign for proper repairs. Please come to our general meeting on Tuesday 27th January (download publicity here) to discuss the next steps of the campaign.

(Note: St Martin’s TRA is not affiliated with any political party. Any elected official from any party is welcome to support our campaigns. And we are open to all residents of the estate regardless of political affiliation)

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