Unite Community Meeting This Wednesday

Unite Community Banner

Lambeth Unite Community are holding a meeting on our estate next Wedensday

Lambeth Unite Community Open Meeting
Wednesday 3rd December 7pm to 9pm
St Martins Community Centre, Abbots Park

Contact lambethunitecommunity@gmail.com or 07410 172 004
Download publicity here

The meeting will have someone speaking from the New Era estate where residents are waging a vital battle to stay in affordable homes. They will also have campaigners from the living wage and local housing campaigns

Unite Community is the Union branch for people who are unemployed, home working or in insecure non-union jobs. They work with community organisations, trade unions and advice and campaign groups to build networks of solidarity for people to be able to help each other. If you have any issue you would like Unite Community to take up please get in touch or come along to the meeting

The St Martins TRA and Lambeth Unite Community are complimentary to each other. We encourage people to support both organisations.

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