Impact of Empty Properties

The Metropolitan scrutiny committee recently asked the views of the St Martin’s TRA committee on the impact of empty properties on the estate. This is to feed in to the board and this report is due to be finished early December.

The committee chair explained some issue for delays with voids was the previous contractors Mears. They were paid a flat fee for each property they had to pay for a new tenant, which sometimes left them out of pocket. With the new contractor Metropolitan appoint a surveyor to cost work after a property becomes empty. This has not lead to a reduction in void times

Some of the issues reported:

  • 4 bedroom property being void since last March being left unsecured.
  • Impact of void properties on families waiting to be moved.
  • ASB caused by empty properties .
  • Squatters being in the old estate office and this has happened twice.
  • State of gardens when properties are left void and the impact on neighbours. Scrutiny committee stated this should not be happening as St Martins should be doing this work.
  • A resident has a property on both sides void and worried over the impacted on his security.
  • Cost implication when voids are not being turned around in line with the 28 days recommended turn around times.
  • Committee said impact on a resident who was unable to move to a ground floor properly even though a family member had a disability and needed to be on ground level.

Did we miss anything? If we did please let us know. It’s too late to add to the report but we may be able to escalate the issue some other way

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