Open Committee Meeting on Tuesday

We’re having an open committee meeting this Tuesday 25th November

Open Committee Meeting
Tuesday 25th November, 7pm – 9pm
Pinnacle Officers, Rickards Close

The main items on the agenda are as follows:

  • Empty Properties
  • TRA Structure: Publicity, Training, Annette, Challice Way rep, Data Protection
  • Leaseholder bills
  • Youth Facilities at the City Academy
  • Urine in the Shepherd House lifts

It’s likely we’ll run out of time by this point. But if we do have time the following are “backup items”: Next General Meeting, Roupell Park Estate,  History, Support for isolated people, Transport issues at school closing time, Worthington House Postcodes, Bin doors, Getting a Metropolitan presence on the estate,

If you have anything you wish to say on any of these points please contact us, or you can attend the meeting as an observer. Attending as an observer gives the right to listen and contribute to the discussion. It doesn’t give you the right to vote, but as we almost never have votes at TRA meetings.

The Pinnacle Offices can be hard to find.  Essentially you should ignore the big sign that says “Welcome to Pinnacle” on Upper Tulse Hill.  Continue walking away along Upper Tulse Hill away from Tulse Hill until you come to Rickards Close.  Then in the South East corner (furthest from Upper Tulse Hill, furthest from Roupell Road) you’ll find a small pedestrian passageway.  That leads to the Pinnacle Offices. See the map below

Pinnacle Map

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