Issues from our AGM

Image from wikimedia commons, licensed under Creative Commons
Image from wikimedia commons, licensed under Creative Commons

The following issues came up at our AGM last month

  • There are drainage issues throughout Abbots Park
  • Urine in the lift in Shepherd House and several other blocks. This is not the fault of the cleaners, they do a good job when they come, it is the fault of people persistently urinating in the lift
  • In Challice Way there are children riding bicycles in an unsafe matter after 11pm.
  • Issues with fly tipping. This seems to occur all over the estate but Challice Way, Valens House and Rickards Close were mentioned.
  • There were also issues regarding traffic and the youth facilities in the new school, for simplicity these are covered in the minutes of a previous meeting
  • Many leaseholders have been told the service charge they paid does not cover maintenance costs, some have been served with bills over several thousand pounds.

Did we miss anything. If we did please contact us

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