What’s We’ve Achieved

We can becomes so engrosed in day to day business we don’t step back and reflect on what we’ve achieved so far. So here’s what I think the TRA’s achieved since we started in May, and all the people who’ve helped up

  • We had our first meeting. Dayo and Chris helped organise it. Brendan, Dayo and Chris helped publicise it, along with several of Chris’ friends from Lambeth Housing Activists
  • We’ve set up the mechanics of the TRA. Chris set up this website, Brendan set up our twitter account
  • We have two spreadsheets tracking repairs. One was written by Chris based on information from Terry F and Tony, the other is maintained by Stephen
  • We’ve had a public meeting with the new head about how the school will impact the estate
  • Dayo persuaded almost all her neighbours to complain about the lift in McCormick House, it’s now fixed
  • Brendan, Graham and Chris persuaded 42 people to report how bad the Abbots Park paving was. Metropolitan have now agreed to fix it
  • Terry F designed ID badges for use when we do door knocking. Dennis, Malcolm, Terry F, Brendan, Graham, me did door knocking to ask people to come to the AGM. Hayley gave useful advice about publicity
  • We’ve had an AGM 43 residents came to, which elected a committee of 11 people

That’s the start, but there’s still much more to do. Why not contact us to suggest what we should be doing, or ask how you can help

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