Committee Meeting on Tuesday

The newly elected committee is meeting for the first time this Tuesday

St Martins’ TRA Commmittee Meeting
Tuesday 21st October, 7:30pm
Room 4, St Martin’s Community Centre, Abbots Park

If you want committee members to raise anything please contact us, and any residents is welcome to attend the meeting as an observer.

Our agenda will be the following

Main business

  • Election of officers
  • Do we have reps for all parts of the estate
  • Applying for recognition and a grant
  • Structure – Should we continue with monthly general meetings, or operate via sub committees with occasional general meetings, or something else.
  • Relationship with estate panel
  • Tour of parliament
  • Liaison with other TRAs
  • Holy Trinity Peace Event

Then we will have a discussion on how we can move the key issues forward:

  • ASB (including urine in the lifts, fly tipping)
  • History
  • Leasholder Charges
  • Repairs (including flooding in Abbots Park, Lights Out in High Trees, Paving on Abbots Park etc.)
  • Social Events
  • Traffic around the school (including parking, overcrowded public transport)
  • Youth facilities in the new academy

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