Individual Repair Issues

If you’re concerned about the fact your landlord has not done a repair to a communal area (i.e. an area that affects more than just your household) please report it to your landlord then contact us. We managed to get action on repairs such as Baldwin House ants and Gaywood Close scaffolding so we may be able to help you too.

To report a repair

If the issue you’re concerned about only affects your household then it’s unlikely the TRA will have the resources to help you. We advise you do the following to get it fixed.

Firstly, report the repair, and make a note of the issue number

If your landlord has not fixed the issue within a month put in a formal complaint.  MTVH says commits to completing regular repairs within 28 calendar days (see p17 of this leaflet).  The other landlords are vaguer but if MTVH can manage 28 days the other landlords should be able to as well.  The procedure varies according to the landlord

Generally you can only put in a complaint for an issue that has occurred in the last six months, so please act promptly.

Please ask for compensation. In 2021 MTVH residents in Williams House recently won £250 compensation per household after persistent complaints about poor lift service .  The compensation policies are

If you’re not happy with the response you can take the case to the Housing Ombudsman. We suggest we seek the advice of a solicitor, your MP or a local councillor before doing this. You can contact your MP and councillors here. Unfortunately we can’t recommend a specific solicitor

Leaseholders have specific rights and responsibilities. For question please contact the Leasehold Advisory Service on 0207 832 2500

Nobody in the TRA is a property lawyer. The above is not legal advice

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