Abbots Park Pavement

The paving on Abbots Park had deteriorated badly. We took these pictures of the paving on Tuesday 22nd July. To give you an idea of how misaligned the paving slabs are, the pen shown is 15cm long.


A map showing roughly where we found these misaligned paving slabs is below

Abbots Park map

The timeline of events is as follows:
10th June – First reported on a TRA organised walkabout
12th June – K from Metropolitan responded, “The paving here is acceptable”
22nd September – K from Metropolitan says “I have previously raised a work order for this under reference 4850009/1”. As yet no date for a fix
27th September – TRA members do door knocking round the area. 42 people formally report the repair to Metropolitan
20th October – K from Metropolitan says “the uneven paving on Abbots Park has been divided into three sections by our contractors and works to the first section is planned to start on Wednesday 22nd October. Once they have completed this I will provide them with work orders for the second plot and so on”

And when we checked on 30th December it seems the issue is fixed. This picture shows what the paving looks like now. The slabs aren’t perfectly even, but they’re vastly better than what we found in the summer
Abbots Park 2

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