Southern residents now have cycle parking

Southern have finally given residents access to cycle parking. This is because of our campaign. This is making a real difference to people on the estate

Ben from Kelyway House said

This estate wasn’t designed with bikes in mind. There’s plenty of space for car parking and there’s plenty of empty space that could be used for bike hangars. I’m so pleased Southern have finally installed some.

Me, my partner and my children cycle almost everywhere. We used to keep our bikes in our front garden. Now we keep them in the bike store we can properly enjoy our front garden

Even people without bikes like the new cycle parking. It means there’s no unsightly bikes chained to the railings.

And these residents like the new cycle parking too

  • “I have two children who love to cycle. We’re saving up to buy them bikes. It’s not safe to store them in front of our ground floor flat and our balcony is already full. When our children’s bikes arrive we’ll need a proper space to store them” (Morrison House)
  • “My partner and I love to cycle. But we have a small property and there’s little space to store bikes. Having the bike storage will help us to free up space” (High Trees)

If you’re a resident of Southern and would like cycle parking please email

So campaigning can work. Now we need cycle parking for MTVH residents. Please support our campaign to get it.

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