Canvassing – Demand Action on Damp

The news of a Rochdale two year old dying due to prolonged exposure to mould is shocking. We need to make sure something like this never happens on our estate. Join us on Saturday 3rd December to ensure it doesn’t

Door Knocking – Demand Action on Damp

Saturday 3rd December, 2pm

Meet outside the Abbots Park Community Centre.

Let us know you’re coming

The majority of tenants who have complained about damp are happy with the word done. We need to speak to the minority who are still unhappy to demand the council takes proper action on their case.

The majority of leaseholders are unhappy. We need to speak to them to talk about next steps in the campaign.

New and experienced people equally welcome. If you’re done canvassing before (for example, for a political party) you’ll find this similar. And we’ll give new people a buddy to shadow until they feel confident.

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