Gaywood Close bin area is infested with rats

The bin area in 98 – 121 Gaywood Close was infested with rats. Residents first reported it in December 2021 but MTVH only took action following a residents association campaign

One resident said “Every day I see 3 – 4 rats. I have to clap my hands to get rid of them. I’m frightened to go to the bins”

Another had to stamp his feet to get rid of the rats

We deserve a clean, well maintained estate. We don’t want an estate infested with vermin

MTVH has a responsibility for pest control in the communal areas. This has not been done and we want answers.

In February 2022 we collected 8 pro forma complaints and sent them to MTVH (i.e. 33% of the block complained)

In March 2022 residents were told (by a poster in the stairwell) that “A drain survey of the area has been scheduled for Wed 23/3/2022 to help identify any issues with the drainage that could be [a] contributory factor to the presence of the rodents”

By April 2022 it seemed the rats had gone. No resident we spoke to had spotted one recently. See bottom picture

Photo credit website front page: David Shankbone – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Photo credits this page: Chris Blake

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