Thanks to our canvassers

Thanks to everyone who canvassed in support of our public meeting on damp. And thanks to everyone who did phone banking. Your efforts should ensure we get a good meeting

Here are some of the stories we collected

Residents of Abbots Park, McCormich House, Gaywood Close, Morrison House and Williams House asked “MTVH does repairs almost every year but they don’t fix the damp. When are you going to do a repair that actually fixes the issue”

A resident of Kynaston House asked “MTVH is using anti mold spray to get rid of the damp. But they’re not fixing the leaks that are causing the problem. When are you going to fix the leaks”

A resident of Hart House asked “I was told Optivo leaseholders will be the last in line for a fix. Why is that acceptable? And when will be property be fixed?”

A resident of Saunders House asked “A contractor told me in 2011 I had a problem with damp. Why have you still not fixed it”

A resident of Gaywood Close asked “I had to fix the damp issue myself with my own money. Why is this acceptable?”

Please come to our public meeting on 10th February to hear more, and hear what our landlords and the council will do about this

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